3.4 Kayak Surfer - Malibu Kayaks

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Malibu Kayaks are made in the USA! See 3.4 in the video below. 4.4 model is now the Express.

Malibu Kayaks says: The 3.4 sleek design defines kayaks that best suit performance surfing with ease of motion. They are the peak in performance giving you the greatest opportunity to surf kayak at your best.

Dig Paddlesports says: You may not ever find yourself at a surf break. Maybe you live near a lake or reservoir. This kayak is GREAT for smaller paddlers on flat water, or for side-wake surf session behind your buddy's boat. You can roll it with clip-in thigh straps, not included. It's light, short enough to fit in the garage or storage shed without crowding it out. Makes for an awesome kid kayak that they can grow into for years to come.

LENGTH: 11' 4"
WIDTH: 26"
HULL WEIGHT: 36 lbs.
MAX. CAPACITY: 200 lbs.

One Awesome Optionn :
  1. Recreation: Molded cup holder, molded foot rest, pad-eyes for clip-in seat attachment, pad-eyes for thigh straps, bow & stern handles, 4" round hatch, drain plug.

Available in Red Solid color only.