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Malibu Kayaks are made in the USA!

Our best-selling kayak, the Mini-X is lightweight, durable, and easy-to-maneuver sit-on-top kayak. This versatile kayak is now equipped with an adjustable footrest and a standing platform for easy recreational paddling and shallow-water fishing. Great for Class 1 and Class 2 river paddling.

LENGTH: 9' 3"
WIDTH: 33.5"
DEPTH: 12"
HULL WEIGHT: 40 lbs.
MAX. CAPACITY: 325 lbs.

Three Fun Packages:
  1. Standard: Molded cup holder, adjustable foot track system, threaded eyelets, threaded eyelets w/ base, shock cord cleat, bow & stern handles, side carry handles/paddle holders, rear bungee storage.
  2. Recreation: Above Included Plus: center single point rectangular hatch w/ bag, 2 rear rod holders.
  3. Fish & Dive: Above Included Plus: 2 front rod holders, 8" round front hatch w/ bucket.