Moki I R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)

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The Moki I R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck) is perfect for adventure paddlers seeking a durable and versatile inflatable kayak that can easily be stowed and transported. The Moki I offers all the benefits of the Moki-Lite, plus the additional protection of our Removable Spraydeck System (R-Deck) for cold or rainy days and a completely redesigned combing ring. 

All of our Moki Series boats feature a high pressure rigid drop-stitch floor for ultimate stability, a 9in (23cm) removable tracking fin to keep you on course, user-friendly Push-push valves, and multi-chamber inflation for added security on the water (not that you’ll need it). The American Standard Fin Box also accommodates most e-motors for when you’ve got a lot of water to cover, or just feel like taking it easy! 

Weighing in at 34.6lb (15.7kg), the Moki I is ideal for flat open waters, touring, and ocean paddling, and takes up minimal space, no roof rack required! For an all-inclusive paddling experience straight out of the box, we’ve included our Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown), our super-fast Nano Barrel Pump, ultra-comfy EVA seat (a big win for our Dig Paddlesports crew), repair kit with glue, one-person removable spraydeck, and our premium Moki Carry Bag to get you to the water as efficiently as possible.

Another Note from Bill, Dig Paddlesports' Founder:
The Moki is an incredible kayak. When you want portability and stowability with minimum storage space and lots of capacity - this is your kayak. Michelle, Dig Founder and formerly disappointed with all inflatables, fell in love with the Moki at a trade show a few years ago. The design team has only made improvements since then, and we are very happy to represent this product as dealers. The 4-part paddle that is included is a great paddle for most people. When you want to upgrade, we can help you fine tune the solution.

I'd say the Moki-Lite is excellent for anyone up to 6' tall, probably 200 lbs or under. If you're taller and/or want to carry more gear for multi-day trips, the Moki 1 is ideal. Have questions? I'd love to chat you through your thought process and share what I can.


The Moki 1 features a 1,000 denier reinforced PVC bottom. The pontoons are constructed with 840 denier nylon and include a separate internal PVC bladder (2 pontoon chambers). The inflatable floor is made of a rigid high-pressure drop-stitch floor to give the kayak a more rigid hull enhancing speed and tracking in the water.

There are 3 total air chambers, one inflatable floor, and 2 separate pontoon chambers. Each chamber comes with a friendly to use push-push GRI military-style valves.

The partial deck material is treated with a water-resistant PU coating which helps wick away water. 


The Moki 1, like the Moki Lite has a symmetrical (front/back) narrow trim which allows the kayaks to cut through the water with ease. This streamlined shape helps improve both the speed and tracking of the Moki series inflatable kayaks.


The Moki 1 has a 6-point quick-attach bungee storage system on both the front and back deck of the kayak. The bungee is connected at the end with a male-female ¾” buckle for quickly securing gear.

The premium EVA molded seat comes with quick-clip attachments to secure the seat in place. The seats are adjustable forward and backwards based on the paddlers height. The seat also includes a bottom Velcro attachment to keep the seat from slipping front/back if the boat gets wet. 

The foot block also offers quick-clip attachments that attach to multiple daisy chain loops which allow the paddler to adjust the length based on the leg length of the paddler.


  • 1x Moki I R-Deck
  • 1x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece)
  • 1x Nano Barrel Pump
  • 1x EVA Seat
  • 1x Drop-Stitch Floor
  • 1x Repair Kit with Glue
  • 1x Removable Fin
  • 1x Moki Carry Bag
  • 1x Combing-Ring Tube
  • 1x 1-Person R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)*

*Sprayskirt is an additional accessory and NOT INCLUDED


Always rinse your inflatable kayak off with clean water once you are off the water. Be sure to clean out any debris that may have accumulated in the seams of your boat. Focus on where the pontoons meet the floor. Allow to dry fully. Store loosely rolled in a climate-controlled, UV-free environment to extend the life as much as possible.

NOTE: A small amount of Dawn or another friendly detergent can be added to the water.


RECOMMENDED WATERWAYS: Lakes, Calm Ocean, Harbor, River (Class 1)

Series: Lake Series 
Material (Sidewall): 420d Nylon + 1000d Reinforced PVC 
Type: R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck) 
Material (Floor): 1000d Reinforced PVC
Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I
Valve (Pontoon): Push-push
Chambers: 3 (Left Pontoon + Right Pontoon + Drop-Stitch Floor)
Valve (Seat): Push-push
Weight Capacity: 500lb (227kg)
PSI (Pontoon): 1.0
Weight (Boat): 23.1lb (10.5kg)
PSI (Floor): 6.0
Weight (Boat + Key Accessories*): 34.6lb (15.7kg)
Outer (Length): 144in (396cm) 
Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 49.9lb (22.7kg)  Outer (Width): 35in (89cm)
Packed Size (Folded): 31 x 20 x 8in (79 x 51 x 20cm)
Inner (Length): 96in (244cm)
Sprayskirt Compatible: Yes 
Inner (Width): 14in (36cm)
Thigh-Strap Compatible: No
Removable Tracking Fin (Length): 9in (23cm)
Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: Yes D-Ring (Material): Stainless-Steel - 1in (2.5cm)
E-Power Compatible: Yes D-Ring (# of): 12 Total = 6 Bow + 6 Stern
Warranty (Boat): Manufacturer Lifetime 

*Key Accessories for the Moki I R-Deck include the Drop-Stitch Floor and the EVA Seat.

2022 MOKI 1 R-Deck STOCK STATUS: Call first. Demo model may be available to try before you buy ($25+tax = rental rate for 2 hrs.) You may always pre-order, we will ship to your door. Shipping rate subject to change.

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