Freedom to Paddle - Statue of Liberty

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We DIG paddling in Utah! Great for everyday wear or a sweet souvenir shirt to take home and talk story to the neighbors:

"Allow me to expound, Gustavo - we hiked iconic Angel's Landing in the morning and then paddled kayaks and boards at a highly convenient, yet secluded, locale just off of I-15 near St. George called Quail Creek State Park. It was a sublimely decompressing and rejuvenating experience. I purchased this shirt, designed with a nod to Ellis Island and the notion of sacrifice as a component of refining process, as a memento to memorialize the magnificence of the moment."

"Sounds like you got stoked on paddling, bro'. Looks like a sweet Statue of Liberty with a paddle!"

"That is precisely what I just finished explaining, my dear amigo."

We make it easy to springboard into sharing mode with shirts.

This is a Glidan Ultra Cotton T, very comfortable and rugged. Designed by Dig Paddlesports' house designer, Throckmorton Peachabellimanskischwartz.

Have a family reunion or corporate group you would like custom shirts for? Tour group? Custom designs, pricing, and quantities available on request. Typically requires a 2-week turnaround. Send inquiries to: