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Malibu Kayaks are made in the USA!
The Express is the evolution of the former 4.4. It is light and quick, with hydrodynamic straight line design, ultra lightweight rotomolded polyethylene, stability, and low windage.

It's a speedy fishing setup, too. Get to your favorite spot with plenty of room for gear and tackle, food and drink, and the camera! Two rod holders, two hatches, deck rigging, and a rear bungee storage well make it easy to take your stuff. Add a high-back seat for more comfort and storage. Add a rudder for increased control.

Great for covering miles on a fitness paddle session. Easy to exit when needed, easy to get back in when you want to, the Express is a crowd favorite.

One Awesome Package:
Fish & Dive: Molded cup holder, adjustable foot track system, threaded eyelets, threaded eyelets w/ base, shock cord cleat, bow & stern handles, front & rear bungee storage, front 8” round hatch with bucket, 2 rear rod holders, rear single point rectangular hatch w/ bag.

Who should paddle the Express? Internal Dig Review...
Anyone 180 lbs and under will love this kayak. Dig's testing has placed paddlers up to 210 lbs in the cockpit with success, but the lighter the paddler, the better. It is much faster than a Stealth 9 or X-Factor, not as heavy as and more nimble (easier to turn) than the X-13.

15 different color options available : Color chart shown in images // Please make note of your color choice when placing your order // Thank you!