Moki II R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)

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The Moki II R-Deck is back!

This innovative two-person inflatable kayak offers an optional removable spraydeck. Giving you the option to paddle with the deck on for protection against cold water paddling or removing it to enjoy the sun. You can also convert from a one-person to a two-person boat by simply adjusting the seats. Weighing 53 lbs, the Moki II features a high pressure rigid drop-stitch floor, user friendly GRI Push-Push valves, EVA Seat, a 9” removable tracking fin and packs down seamlessly to fit into the included full-size premium Moki Carry Bag. It also comes fully ready to hit the water with 2 Alpine Lake Paddles and a Nano Barrel Pump.

It’s ideal for lakes, calm rivers, flat open waters, touring, and ocean paddling.

What's Included?

  • 1x Moki II R-Deck
  • 2x Alpine Lake Paddle (4-Piece)
  • 1x Nano Barrel Pump
  • 2x EVA Seat
  • 1x Drop-Stitch Floor
  • 1x Repair Kit with Glue
  • 1x Removable Fin
  • 1x Moki Carry Bag
  • 2x Combing-Ring Tube
  • 1x 2-Person R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck)*
Series: Lake Series 
Material (Sidewall): 420d Nylon + 1000d Reinforced PVC 
Type: R-Deck (Removable Spraydeck) 
Material (Floor): 1000d Reinforced PVC
Water Rating: Flat Water, Bays & Inlets, Class I
Valve (Pontoon): Leafield D7
Chambers: 3 (Left Pontoon + Right Pontoon + Drop-Stitch Floor)
Valve (Seat): Leafield D7 
Weight Capacity: 600lb (272kg) 
PSI (Pontoon): 1.0
Weight (Boat): 53.0lb (24kg)
PSI (Floor): 6.0
Weight (Boat + Key Accessories*): 62.2lb (28.2kg)
Outer (Length): 180in (457cm) 
Weight (Boat + All Accessories): 82.3lb (37.3kg)  Outer (Width): 38in (97cm)
Packed Size (Folded): 34 x 21 x 7in (86 x 53 x 18cm)
Inner (Length): 120in (305cm)
Sprayskirt Compatible: Yes 
Inner (Width): 16in (41cm)
Thigh-Strap Compatible: No
Removable Tracking Fin (Length): 9in (23cm)
Removable Tracking Fin Compatible: Yes D-Ring (Material): Stainless-Steel - 1in (2.5cm)
E-Power Compatible: Yes D-Ring (# of): 12 Total = 6 Bow + 6 Stern
Warranty (Boat): Manufacturer Lifetime

*Key Accessories for the Moki II R-Deck include the Drop-Stitch Floor and 2x EVA Seat.

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