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Malibu Kayaks are made in the USA!

Pro 2 Tandem, the ultimate two seater tandem kayak, designed for twice the fun.  Fall in love exploring the magnificent landscape of the stunning ocean and dazzling lakes. OR, paddle this kayak solo from the center seat position. Tracks well, holds a lot of weight, and is lighter by 20lbs + than some competitors' models.

WIDTH: 33"
DEPTH: 11.5"
HULL WEIGHT: 60 lbs.
MAX. CAPACITY: 550 lbs.

Three Fun Packages:
  1. Standard: Bungee Storage (Bow & Stern), Rope Carry Handles (Bow & Stern), Bungee Side Carry, Handles w/ Paddle Holders (x2)
  2. Recreation: Above Included Plus: 8" Round Hatch (Bow), Rectangular Hatch,
  3. Fish & Dive: Above Included Plus: Center Rod Holders (x2), Stern Rod Holders (x2), 8" Round Hatch (Stern)

Seat Options: Look at the Apex clip-in seat for comfort and back support.

Available in Solid and Camo color styles only!