Another Dam race 2021 race report

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Another Dam race 2021 race report

What a Party!

We gathered some of our favorite people and drove south to Parker Dam Arizona near Lake Havasu to participate in "Another Dam Race".

It was well worth the drive. 

Just a bunch of clowns getting psyched up to hit the water.  The weather was perfect 80 degrees and a very slight breeze to start the race.

The race began with a polynesian style dedication, haka, song and blessing over the event.  After which participants began piling into the river to start the race.  Wave after wave of Outrigger canoes started the race off followed by kayakers and Stand up Paddleboards.

Paddlers of all kinds were on the water.  We were able to enjoy seeing outrigger canoes with 1, 2 3, or 6 paddlers.  There were Kayaks and stand up paddleboards of all kinds and some prone paddlers as well.

Participants chose one of 2 courses to complete: Long course approximately 10 miles or Short course approximately 6.5 miles.

We paddled down to a halfway point depending on the length of the course, then turned around and paddled back to the start.

George Schmal: Men 14 foot SUP Over 60 age group Short course


Rebecca Guillen: Women Recreational SUP Short course 3rd place

Nick Gullen: Men 14ft SUP Short course 1st place


Pat McEwen: Men Recreational Kayak Over 60 Age group Long course 1st place


Ferrell Ennis: Men Under 16 yr old Recreational Kayak 1st place Short course


Dane Ennis: Men under 16 yr old recreational surfski 1st place Short course


 Michelle Ennis: Women 14ft SUP 2nd place short course


Bill Ennis/ Linda Schmal : Tandem recreational Kayak 1st place Short course


Bob Stumpus: Men 12 ft SUP Over 60 age group Long course 10 miles 

Judy Stumpus: Women Inflatable SUP Over 60 age group 1st place Short course

Jerry Saibitis: Men's Recreational Kayak Short course 3rd place

Laurie Harper: women Recreational Kayak short course 1st place

Steve Andrews : Men Recreation Kayak Short course 2nd place


Grant Nielsen: Men's Recreational Kayak open class 2nd place (no photo found)


Tamra Stephenson: Women 14 ft SUP Short course 1st place


   Our Paddle team took home a number of trophies and prizes.  It was a great first race for many of our team.

Look at all those awards - mugs, steins and shot glasses.

The trophies were either a shot glass, a coffee mug or a beer stein with the ADR logo on it.  Something to add to the collection from previous years winnings if you had it.

No matter who won and who didn't, we all had an amazing race and fantastic time getting together and sharing the love of paddling.

There was also raffle drawings throughout the awards ceremony as prizes were handed out to winning ticket holders Tamra Stephenson won a brand new inflatable SIC touring Paddleboard from River Bound Sports.  That was fun to watch her check and double check her ticket number to make sure it was her name called.


In the evening several of us gathered back at the Rental home on the water and had a BBQ and paddle party.  Some went for a night paddle around the homes in the canals and we enjoyed a potluck party.


Some stayed back and camped out near the race finish/ start line and enjoyed a peaceful evening without the party animals back at the house.

It wasn't Venice, but it was still pretty cool to be able to paddle around the neighborhood and visit our neighbors on the water.

Sunday Morning we went for another paddle around the neighborhood, did some SUP Yoga, ate breakfast and went home.

We are definitely coming back again next year!

Plan your calendar and come with us next time.  Be a part of our Southern Utah paddling family.

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