About us

Connection. Decompression. Fitness. Rejuvenation.

These are some of the reasons we enjoy paddling and wanted to share our love of paddling with others. Growing up in Southern California, water sports and outdoor recreation played prominently in our unscheduled schedules. We are Bill and Michelle Ennis, and we are paddle-holics.

From beach bonfires to our engagement photos, from sailing to surfing, and from being a pair of crazy kids to starting a family with five kids of our own, we have loved engaging outdoors and on the water.

In 2011, we opened Washington County, Utah's first dedicated paddle operation.That's just what you do when you constantly invite your friends to paddle and there are no available rental shops in the area. Especially in the desert!

In 2014, Quail Creek State Park became available for us to establish operations at the water's edge. We have grown and expanded from that point, thanks to our customers' support and the cooperation and support of the state parks.

We are WPA and PaddleFit certified coaches, and our goal is to help people have the best experience that they can on the water. Part of that is accomplished through having good equipment, and another part is accomplished with good instruction.

We have a great team of instructors, staff, and volunteers that help to make everyday rentals, sales, and events a success for you.

We also sell boards, kayaks, and accessories. We are dealers for SIC, Imagine, Pau Hana, Riviera, Glide, and Bounce stand up paddleboards. We have a blended rental fleet and work to match each paddler with the best board for their ability levels and performance desires.

We are also proud to represent Malibu Kayaks, made in the USA! They make a full lineup of fishing and recreational kayaks that are stable, rugged, easy to use, and are light for the amount of weight they can carry.

Our paddles include Kialoa, Riviera, Aqua-bound, Bending Branches, and Crack of Dawn.

At the end of the day, it's less "about us" and more about you coming out of the water with a smile on your face and a great experience. We are stoked to share our desert waters. Come and partake!

Our Team

Bill Ennis - Founder and avid paddler, WPA Instructor, PaddleFit Coach

Michelle Ennis - Co-founder, WPA Instructor, PaddleFit Coach

Kelly Oar - SUP Yoga Instructor, SUP Coach

Michael Schwab - Event Co-Director, SUP Coach

George Schmal - Event Facilitator, SUP Coach

Hours at Quail Creek State Park Location:
Phone: 435-467-9988

October 2017

  • Monday - Thursday: By appointment; call 435-467-9988
  • Friday, Saturday: 10am - Sunset, also by appointment
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm

November 2017 - February 2017: By appointment

March 2018 - Stay tuned!

Hours at Gunlock State Park Location:
Phone: 435-680-5818

October 2017

  • Monday - Friday: By appointment; call 435-680-5818
  • Saturday: 10am - Sunset, also by appointment
  • Sunday: 10am - 4pm

November 2017 - February 2017: By appointment.

March 2018 - Stay tuned!