Wild Bill's Wild West Water Rodeo

Wild Bill's Wild West Water Rodeo!

July 24th - It's Pioneer Day and the perfect time to celebrate what makes Southwestern Utah, western indeed. It's hat's off to the cowboys with the guts and drive to explore the land and make it blossom in the desert. Wear those cowboy hats and bandanna's. 

Date: Monday, July 24th
Time: 11:30am-2pm
Fee: $10 entry per person.
        Kids under 10yrs: $5
 Participants get to enjoy our water versions of traditional rodeo events such as;
  • Bull Riding (Float-A-Bull) - Contestants get points for style, and how fast you can get on. You have 30 sec to give us your best shot.
  • Barrel Racing -This race is done on kayaks or paddle-boards. Get in there and race around the barrels floating on the water. 
  • Greased Watermelon Chase - If you've ever been a kid at a rodeo that entered the greased pig chase, this can be a lot of slippery fun.  Kid friendly and loads of laughs.

  • Goofy Paddle - Not quite a rodeo event, but a chance to make your own craft or paddle a non-traditional watercraft. No typical kayaks or SUP's allowed unless handmade from alternative items such as logs, water bottles, and pool noodles. Participants will race around the outside of the barrel racing course. This is for sure going to be a family favorite and barrel of laughs. Does your craft float?, can it go in a straight line?, how long did you stay on? Our cowboy judges can't wait to find out!    
  • Roping - Alright cowboys let's see how fast you can lasso your target. Contestants start at the shore with a lasso in hand, paddle out the the bull, and lasso his horns. You will need to turn him 360º, undo the lasso, and paddle back. 

Don't have your own equipment? NO PROBLEM! Your entry fee also includes use of one of our kayaks or SUP's we will have set aside just for this event. (No club member craft/high-end equipment offered from our fleet for the rodeo, but feel free to bring your own.)
Pre-register and get a free shaved ice on rodeo day! Show up and choose your events when you check in.
This is for ALL ages and ability levels. There is something for everyone!
Life jackets are required. PFD rentals are just $5 for the day if you do not have your own. Don't forget to dress up in cowboy hats and bandannas. 
Check in with our dig team outside of our garage when you arrive. Sign your waivers and let's ride, I mean paddle!
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