Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

Hi, I’m Jen.  I’m the newest team member at DIG Paddlesports in charge of marketing and sales. I live just north of Salt Lake City and I moved down here for the season.  A month ago, I was feeling like something in my life was off, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  My good friends, Bill and Michelle Ennis (owners of DIG) kept popping into my head.  I decided to reach out.  We’ve been wanting to work together for years, but it was just never the right time. My kids were still little, and I couldn’t come down just for the summer season. I wasn’t sure why I was even reaching out, but I did.  Two days later, I was set to move down for the 2022 summer season.  I made sure my boys (24, 22 and 16 years old) and my dog, Rocco were set to be without me for a season (don’t worry…grandpa and grandma and big brothers are looking after my youngest). Two weeks later, I pulled up to the house of the room I rented, dropped my bags and headed to quail creek reservoir.  My first time driving to the lake was comical.  I couldn’t believe how gorgeous everything was. Every corner I turned I became more and more my grandmother,

“Oh, would you look at that!” 

“Well, I mean it’s just so beautiful!” 

“Can you believe those salmon colored cliffs?!”


And then I saw the lake…


“It looks like the Caribbean!”

“The water is turquoise!”

“Have you ever seen anything so blue?!”


I was laughing at myself and my reactions, but I couldn’t stop.  It is beautiful.  And once I had the chance to get out and paddle at Quail Creek…I was sold!  I have always had a thing for the American West. I was born and raised in Southern California.  I come from a long line of pioneers who headed west to create the lives and homes they dreamed of. Maybe that’s why I feel so connected here.  This place is magical.  

I’ve been here for about 3 weeks and it is my dream job. I’m so grateful to be working on the lake and out in the community getting to know everyone.  I get to be a part of your vacations and your good times and your memories. We take groups out on paddle tours of the lake!  We have SUP yoga on the weekends!  If you're just looking to get away from the city...or have a break from your routine...this is the place.  If you’re local, come on out for a family night or a date night.  If you’re visiting, it will be the highlight of your vacation. Come cool off and take in the scenery. Get out to quail creek reservoir and come see us at Dig Paddlesports!


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