June 14, 2024 - Lee's Ferry Kayak Adventure: "La Virtuosa Pianisa y El Explorador"

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Paddle with Maria and Martyn through 16 miles of humbling grandeur!

I'm Bill Ennis, and own Dig Paddlesports. Our friends and partners at Lee's Ferry are going to show you country that would make any filmmaker reconsider all future projects! Lee's Ferry sits between what remains of Glen Canyon (the rest of it is now underneath Lake Powell), and Marble Canyon, both canyons in-line and just upriver from their mighty cousin, The Grand Canyon.

It is here that multi-week Grand Canyon rafting/float trips embark, a journey that requires a permit or a seat on one of the authorized outfitters' rafts or in one of their kayaks.

Where the canyons fade and meld, we mount our riverine steeds and go! It's paddle time!

Your motorboat trip upriver, along with your assigned kayak or stand up paddleboard, will be with expert Coast Guard licensed captains that know the river intimately. You'll glide through 16 miles of gorgeous canyon walls, past wild horses, bighorn sheep, osprey, beaver, fox, duck, great blue heron, and the ever-photogenic Horseshoe Bend. 

You will be able to see the Glen Canyon Dam from about 0.5 miles away from its southern face, then be dropped off at "Kayak Beach", a sandy spot that has plenty of room to stage your equipment before paddling downstream. For later morning or afternoon departures, it may be optimal to disembark at "Petroglyph Beach" and paddle a shorter distance back to the boat ramp and parking lot.

There are composting toilets and campgrounds along the river, available on a first-come, first-served basis.

A few important considerations:

  • Boat launch is at 8:45am. Plan ahead. You will all be in two-seat or tandem kayaks. Plan to be 30 minutes early for gear setup, using restrooms, filling water bottles, etc. before you get on the boat. I'll meet you and introduce you to your captain. You and I will work together to move your kayak(s) to the dock and get you properly fitted with gear.
  • Wear layers. Be prepared for the weather, based on the season. Water temps are in the low 50s, year-round. The last two years, we've seen temperatures rise into the 60s, depending on the weather and metered flows from the dam. You'll be a little cool (maybe even COLD) going upriver and warm up quickly as you paddle back to the parking lot. Again, wear layers.
  • Bring plenty of water. We recommend approximately 2-3 liters or one gallon per person. Ask your pilot to show you the freshwater springs that pour from the rock just downstream from Ropes Trail campground.
  • Sunscreen. We recommend reef- and waterway-safe sunblock, which we stock at our Quail Creek shop.
  • Hat. Keep that skull in the shade!
  • Bring enough snacks/food for a 4-6 hour experience. Have the right fuel for your day.
  • Dry bags. We sell great dry bags and dry boxes, some for your phone, some are coolers, some are backpack-style, some are large enough for your sleeping bag, pillow, tent, and ground pad. Whichever size you have, make sure your dry bag works and is in good condition.
  • Pack out your trash, including any feminine products.
  • Leave rocks and any artifacts you may encounter. Approach, but do not physically touch petroglyphs; oils from our skin can damage the rock. Take pictures, record the location, and make great memories.
  • There are great restaurants in Page (Bonkers, Bird House, Slackers) and Kanab (Escobar's, Sego ), also the food at Jacob Lake Lodge is usually excellent.
  • The fastest way to Lee's Ferry from Hurricane or St. George, UT is via Fredonia, AZ and then over 89-A, past Jacob Lake Lodge (great pit stop), and on to Marble Canyon.
  • A beautiful route that takes more time, but may be necessary due to road closures, is to take the road from Hurricane to Fredonia, then turn left/north toward Kanab. From there, go to Page, AZ and on to Marble Canyon and Lee's Ferry. This route adds at least 45 minutes to your drive, but it is spectacular and gives you the opportunity to drive over the river near the Glen Canyon Dam, as well as the parking area (fee required) for the Horseshoe Bend overlook. When you have time, the .75-mile walk to the rim of the canyon is worth it.
  • Stop at the Navajo Bridge Visitors' Center. A short walk to the middle of the original highway brige, now reserved for pedestrian traffic, should give you a great vantage point to see Giant California Condors.
  • Any questions? Reach me at bill@digpaddlesports.com or 435-680-5818.

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