GalaXy SOLduo Double Inflatable Kayak

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Thickness NA
Weight 33 lbs
Volume NA
Weight Capacity 600 lbs | 272 kg
Best for


Whitewater 9
Flat Water 9
Stability 9
Speed 8
Turning 8
Yoga NA
Warranty 3-Year-Seam

Experience the pinnacle of inflatable kayaking with the GalaXy SOLduo. This two-person kayak is engineered for unrivaled durability and performance, taking the sport to new heights. 

With our patented GalaXy Stringer System, this cutting-edge technology delivers unbeatable rigidity, ensuring a stable ride even with heavy loads. And it’s a confidence booster just knowing you can move over waves, hydraulics, and eddies with ease because you’re seated in the most rigid inflatable kayak you can get your hands on.

In other words, say goodbye to the kayak “taco” flex and hello to an extra layer of rugged material on the tubes, bow, and stern before the dog days of summer come to a close.

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