Hamboards Logger Navy 60" x 12"

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This is the surfskate for Snowboarders. NOTHING like this in the world. Add a paddle and you’re done with your skateboards and longboards… It’s a beautiful cruiser that cotton-candy sugardreams are made of.

If you think you’ve seen the wild west of surfskating, think again.

Be prepared for new friends and selfies with strangers when you step outside on this high-order surfskate board.

Measuring at 5-feet in length from nose to tail, the beautifully sculpted natural walnut and cherrydecks inspires images of Chris Craft’s heritage speed boats.   The painted deck decorations are inspired by the iconic Birdwell Beach Britches, Leg Stripes boardshorts.  

The birch flex-deck brings surf dynamics that allows the cruiser to snap the tail and carve at extreme angles even at top speed or weave through people with ease.   This deck is long thin and narrow, making it more stable than the Pinger, but it also is able to twist and flex at the same time, just like a snowboard deck. Try it once and you’ll feel it right away.  

Whatever your fix is, cruising, carving, noseriding or barrel roll, prepare for the ultimate high.

There are no barriers to entry. But expect to be noticed as a Pro.

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