Hamboards "SUPSKATE" Race Skate Pole

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RACE Skate Pole. We love this "land paddle".

The names have evolved over the years, but the stoke has only increased as product innovations have developed to make pushing yourself on a board so much more enjoyable, safer, and easier than ever.

Designed and refined by a former NASA engineer, we think this is the best adjustable skate pole on the market. Your unquenchable smile, once you've used it, will agree. The ride, glide, and stability you will experience is amazing.

These poles include:

  • EVA molded grip

  • SUPSKATE adjustable thumb lock

  • Poi Pounder tip (replaceable)

  • Composite materials - light weight Carbon/Glass Epoxy blend

  • Flexible and strong upper tube with length guide

  • Super-powerful lower pole

Use it to cruise the boardwalk, a run to the corner convenience store, the commute to school, replace that long walk from the back of the parking lot to your office door, crash the local 1/2 marathon, or come out to the Miami UltraSkate event in February at the Homestead Miami Speedway. :D


1) Determine Ride Height (Top of your head while standing on your board.)
2) Select from three available sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large
3) Optional: Optimize flex performance by cutting your top section to length.  Can be "trimmed" to optimize performance. Must keep at least 9 inches of top tube inserted into lower pole.  

Land Paddle Skate Pole Height Chart Longboard

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