Badfish Surf Traveler

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"This is the perfect board for ME!" - Alaskan Fisherwoman who loves to paddle and fish the rivers near her home. She's 5' 6",  140 lbs of muscle, and loves this board. So do we.

Little Sister to the Monarch

The Surf Traveler is a performance-oriented all-arounder built with ocean surfing in mind. Its classic surfing shape excels in every type of paddling, and its stability and glide make it a sure hit with every level of paddler. Swaying in a hammock, blissed out after a morning session, no plans for the rest of the day other than where to get your next taco…we’re all surf travelers at heart.

The integrated, Unbreakable Fin system means no losing fins nor fin hardware, you're able to paddle in shallow waters, and they will survive impacts that might otherwise damage fins or fin boxes. We were sold on the ruggedness of the fins when one of the brand's owners placed the board on a sidewalk at an industry expo and proceeded to jump on the tail of the board and do a Chubby Checker-style twist. I cringed, knowing what kind of damage that would cause to a standard inflatable's fin box. He just laughed, so I picked up the board. No damage. Unbelievable! We've been dealers ever since.

This is a COMPLETE KIT; you get the board, pump, fins are integrated, and of course, a well-made backpack to tote the board in, but you also get an ankle leash and a rugged, 3-part travel paddle that is strong and made to last.

It's light weight makes it perfect for paddlers with smaller builds, and its portability is ideal for those with smaller storage space at home, the office, or in the car. Strong enough to withstand shorelines that would destroy lesser boards, and stable enough to fish from!


When you buy a Badfish inflatable SUP from Dig Paddlesports, you get a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects, and we are here to help with any other issues, like replacing the deck bungee cord when it eventually wears out and teaching you how to optimize your paddle technique.


Visit our Quail Creek State Park location to rent some demo time on this board. When you purchase, we ship from our St. George area warehouse, or you can arrange a pickup. Shipping TBD and updated based on actual delivery address.


  • Lakes
  • Rivers, up to Class 3
  • Surf
  • Yoga
  • Paddlers under 180lbs, but will support much more!

// Dimensions: 10' 2" x 31" x 5"
// Board Weight: 25lbs
// Rider Capacity: 100lbs-230lbs
// Construction: PVC Inflatable Drop Stitch
// Warranty: 3-Year Warranty

// Unbreakable Fixed Tri-Fin
// Ankle Leash
// Backpack Board Bag (L)
// Dual Action Pump
// 3 Piece Travel Paddle

// EXO Skeleton Construction
// Wide, Padded, Carrying Handle
// Integrated Water Bottle Holder


Dig has a fleet of great boards and kayaks for you to paddle every day, including the Badfish Surf Traveler, 4 hours per day, at no extra charge. $85/month or $350/year, no contract. Call 435.467.9988 or email us at for details.

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