Sol Sombrero Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard - For Big Boys & Girls, Fishing, you plus your dog...

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11’4” x 41” x 8” | 39 LBS | 400 L


We love this board for its 2-person / tandem paddling capacity. It glides nicely and is incredibly stable at over three feet wide.

Is it good for larger men or women? ABSOLUTELY. When you have a big body, you need to look for adequate volume and width. The Sol Sombrero has it, and enough to spare.

Wheelchair adventurer? No problem. Lash points make it easy.

Fishing? Read on.

At 8-inches thick and 41-inches wide, the Infinity SOLsombrero is the ultimate fishing and overnight gear vessel that offers stability and rigidity to the max. With 14 reinforced soft gear attachments and two sets of passenger handles, loading up for your next paddle adventure is easy. The Infinity SOLsombrero also accommodates two full-size coolers, multiple SOL Kayak Seats, and all the gear you could need. Also, the Infinity SOLsombrero is the obvious choice for fishing guides worldwide since the extra thick construction elevates the paddler higher in the water making it tough to capsize. All in all, its sheer size dominates the likes of fishermen, whitewater paddlers, and multiperson trips. As an added bonus, this SUP board comes with a printed ruler so you can measure your catch... you know, that 58-lb largemouth? :D

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