Paddlesurf Hawaii - Extra Wide All-Arounder

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Excellent First Board. Excellent Forever Board.

• This all-arounder SUP is designed with the family in mind and is wide and stable for smooth water paddling

• Four front D-Ring tie downs with bungee cord for storing water bottles and other gear

• Perfect for any paddlers looking for relaxing smooth-water trips or a great surf on smaller waves this is the board for you

• PX1 Technology – EPS core laminated with layers of 6oz Biaxial Fiberglass, sustainably harvested Paulownia wood, coated with high-grade paint and polish; it's light, it's strong, and it should last for many years with proper care.

• Plastic 8" Center fin and standard side fins included

More about the Extra Wide All Arounder (XWAA). Or is it, "XWAA!!!" ?

This Stand Up Paddle Board was designed for the beginners that need a wide and stable board, yet don't want a heavy clunker to carry around. It is extremely light for its volume, and it will easily handle families (and all the cats and dogs) that are ready to have some fun on the water. The XWAA SUP series is durable with great performance.

Start your paddleboarding journey with the XWAA

The Extra Wide All Arounder is a versatile paddleboard suitable for all skill levels. With its stable construction and nimble design, it ensures an enjoyable experience on the water. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, this board effortlessly adapts to your needs. XWAA is your reliable companion for paddling in smaller surf or on flat water.

  • Hard board: Unmatched durability, great glide, and reliable balance for smooth paddling
  • Versatile: For relaxing smooth-water to great surf on smaller waves
  • Lightweight: Extraordinarily light for its size
  • Premium Product: Crafted with top-quality materials

PX1 - Paulownia Xtra Lite Composite Sandwich

The Extra Wide All Arounder is engineered with the exclusive PX1 Technology, developed by Paddle Surf Hawaii, ensuring exceptional durability and performance.

This advanced construction features an EPS core layered with 6oz Biaxial Fiberglass and sustainably harvested Paulownia wood. The result is a paddleboard that seamlessly combines strength with a lightweight design. The high-grade paint and polish coating not only maintains the board's pristine appearance but also provides protection against the elements.

Experience the exclusive benefits of PX1 Technology with the Extra Wide All Arounder, a paddleboard built to last and elevate your paddleboarding experience.


  1. 10'6'' x 33'' x 5''
    Volume - 195 Liters
  2. 11" x 33" x 5"
    Volume - 230 Liters


  • Beginner-up to 205 LBS
  • Experienced up to 255 LBS
  • Expert-up to 285 LBS


  • You can choose any color, as long as it's blue and white.

Getting the Board to You

We can air-freight this board to any major airport in the contiguous 48 states of the US. Cost is about $125, but can vary. We'll contact you to make arrangements and finalize price.

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