SIC Sonic 12.6 SUP

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The NEW Sonic 11’0” and 12’6” are the most durable fitness, touring and recreational race boards on the market. Offered at an extremely affordable price point, the Sonic provides a smooth and effortless paddling experience. Whether paddling flatwater, cruising lakes, rivers or the open ocean, touring the Sonic will provide the durable performance you are looking for. It is designed for paddlers looking for a board with excellent glide, stability and versatility. The Sonic is ideal for beginners to intermediate paddlers and has enough flotation to support larger riders or those looking to tandem with a child or pet.

The unprecedented durability comes from ST (Space Tec) construction. ST is thermoformed construction technology with tremendous impact and puncture resistance which comes in handy when paddling in rocky areas, storing the board on a boat or sharing with your friends and family. These boards are the perfect boards for paddling desert or mountain lakes, cruising gentle rivers, harbor tours, and camping.

ST construction utilizes a polymer outer skin for impact resistance which is then thermo-formed over fiberglass and a closed cell EPS core for incredible durability, 9.0” FCS Connect Touring fin, smooth textured EVA pad for maximum comfort and non slip grip, Ergo-Undercut handle, bungee tie downs, leash plug.


The Sonic 12.6 comprises the ONE CLASS format, a series of heat races at each supported event with 6-12 paddlers per heat all using the identical SIC Sonic board, and the Sonic’s predecessors, the BIC Wing and OXBOW Explore.

The goal of “ONE CLASS” racing is to attract paddle enthusiasts to the competitive side of paddling while keeping it fun, fair and affordable with an emphasis on FUN to best grow the sport. The ONE CLASS course is a short and easy one to two-mile course, depending on the event. The ONE CLASS includes identical boards and dimensions with the SIC Sonic (12'6” x 30") which has a nice glide, is very stable, and is suited for paddlers of nearly any age, size, and ability.

Look for races hosted by Dig Paddlesports, starting in 2020, that feature the One Class and SIC Sonic boards.



12' 6"




34 lbs


285 L




SPACE TECH Technology
- Molded, watertight eps foam core
- Fiberglass wrap
- Woven fiberglass reinforcement patch
- Woven fiberglass
- Woven fiberglass REINFORCED RAILS
- Thermoformed ASA Polymer skin

S/H is $120.00 per board.

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