Goofy Paddle details

Pioneer Day Goofy Paddle 100 Yard Dash is a new event with Dig Paddlepsorts!

Pioneer Day - July 24th 11am



Participants may construct their own boat made primarily of cardboard


Bring your non-traditional floatie thingy you love like that Pink flamingo to paddle. Or anything other than a traditional kayak, SUP, canoe,, etc... 

and race around a buoy and back to shore, hopefully, before their boat sinks! Lots of laughs and fun to be had!

We hold two races based on age groups depending on number of participants


Participants must check in for boat inspection prior to the race. The check in location will be at the Dig Rental Shop at Quail Creek State Park.

Bring your own cheering section and support or win the crowd over in your favor.

All contestants will need to provide a boat name and crew member names to the judges and have a number assigned prior to racing. Pictures will also be taken of all contestants so that they may be shared in future marketing.


Best Overall Design – The boat and crew with the best “themed” boat. Example: Pirate ship and crew in pirate dress. One award out of all boats in both races.

1st Place – First boat and crew across finish line. Crew must still be in boat; one award for each race.

Titanic – Best sinking ship; one award for each race.

Other awards may be dispersed if we so see fit and feel the need.


All crew must wear a life jacket to participate in the race.

All crew must remove boats from water and grounds and dispose in trash bins at end of race if you are racing a disposable item.

A one-part enamel or lacquer paint and/or polyurethane varnish or water sealer is permitted. Do not use tar-based substances, epoxy glue, fiberglass resins or caulking compounds such as silicon or wax.

Applied paint must be dry for at least 24-hours prior to launching.

Metal or plastic staples, clamps, nails, screws, etc may not be used. These can be a hazard to the crew and lake.

The propulsion system, including oars and paddles, can be made of anything and attached to the cardboard hull as long as it doesn’t add to the strength or buoyancy of the boat. No hand paddling.

Design is builder’s choice.

The crew compartment cannot be enclosed so as to interfere with escape.

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