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Spectrum Silver AG+ Ionic Nano Silver Solution


Spectrum Silver AG+ is known to be effective on over 600+ known bacteria, viruses, yeast and parasites.

Spectrum Silver AG+ solution works to neutralizes infectious diseases. These diseased cells usually have a negative (-) base structure and will attract the silver Ag+ positive particles to the negative cells and neutralizes the infectious cells. The silver molecule then continues to battle the any existing bacteria, virus, yeast and parasites in your body. Silver molecules are not considered harmful. People that are allergic to silver jewelry should check it on their skin first, as a safety precaution before use.

Spectrum Silver AG+ can be used both internally and externally for general health protection, physical conditions and personal hygiene care.

For internally use: Spectrum Silver AG+ can be used for infections, colds, flu, strep infections, food poisoning, candida, intestinal infection, gingivitis, canker sores, tooth aches and should be gargled and swished around teeth for preventative dental care.

Spectrum Silver AG+ should not be taken orally with other medications, vitamins, supplements, minerals or herbs. It should be ingested one hour prior to or after taking other supplements or medications. This is a precaution to not interact with other medications.

For external use: Spectrum Silver AG+ should be applied to clean skin. Use on burns cuts, wounds, abrasions, rashes, acne, sunburns, insect bites, after shaving, as deodorant and all other skin related issues.

Spectrum Silver AG+ helps heal cuts, burns and wounds faster and will help prevent the formation of scar tissue. Bandages and dressings should be sprayed to help prevent infections from forming. Spray on all insect bites and stings, from bugs, spiders, mosquitoes, scorpions, ect. The silver molecules will help neutralize their toxins.

There are many essential uses for this powerful healing product.

Spectrum Silver AG+ The first line of defense in the home against infectious diseases. May be used to wipe on to protect any home surface from infectious diseases, bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew, ect.

Helps to eliminate bacteria and prevent food poisoning. Rinse fruits and vegetables before eating, spray inside open food and condiment lids to prevent unwanted bacteria growth.

You can help safeguard most anything from tooth brushes to children’s toys from harmful bacteria, viruses ect. ( can stain if left wet ).

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics Spectrum Silver AG+ helps to stop resistant pathogens from developing. This may be the most useful health product in your home.

Spectrum Silver AG+ molecules penetrate and are absorbed into the blood stream very quickly. They are then able to remove infectious diseases, bacteria, virus, yeast and parasite. By destroying the cells internally.

Spectrum Silver AG+ is made with great care and attention to quality. It is created with the highest quality investment grade silver bars .9999 in purity. We double filter every batch before bottling for the purest solution on the market, along with a strength of 45 PPM.

Research has found that all silver products should have between 30-60 PPM to be truly effective on the body because of the loss rate of 60 % of PPM when taken internally. Spectrum Silver Lab's goal is to provide the best product at an affordable price.

For Emergency Water Purification and Safe Home Drinking Water:

All 72 hour Emergency kits should include Spectrum Silver AG+. It can be used for water treatment and is the first line of defense for emergencies, epidemics, plagues, and disease. Use 1 tbsp per gallon into municipal city clear or filtered water. Also, great for home emergency water storage. It has a 10 year shelf life.

In emergencies, for river, stream and lake water, strain or filter as best as possible then add 2 tablespoons of Spectrum Silver AG+, mix thoroughly and wait 30 minutes before drinking or using.


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